Corrie star reveals 'crazy' Corrie drama as Aidan discovers Eva's baby lie

Coronation Street is lining up an extremely explosive reaction to Eva Price’s revenge and Aidan Connor’s affair in a week of drama that sees their wedding day thrown into chaos. And as Eva’s plan falls apart on the back of Aidan’s confession, little does he realise that there is more agony to come after he opens up about the affair. 

After a long heart to heart, the pair decide to go ahead with the wedding – but Maria gatecrashes the ceremony, leading to more revelations coming to light. And when we caught up with Shayne Ward for a chat about the storyline, he warned us that the reaction to all of the bombshells will be crazy.

In our video interview on the cobbles, he also pondered how his alter ego ended up in this messy situation, saying: ‘He wishes he could just find one person with both Eva and Maria’s personalities – he doesn’t quite know what he wants and he has been torn throughout.

‘But when the truth about there being no baby comes out, it’s crazy. Anyone’s reaction to that would be heartbreaking.’

In the video interview, which you can watch above, he discussed Eva’s conniving revenge and how the fans may react to Aidan in the wake of the wedding episodes.

Coronation Street kicks off the big week of drama on Monday 18th September at 7:30pm on ITV.

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