Boss of company that makes period underwear 'groped employee's breasts'
Boss of company that makes period underwear allegedly ‘groped employee’s breasts’ (Picture: THINX)

The CEO of a company which produced period underwear is accused of groping employee’s breasts.

A former employee of Thinx, a firm which creates lingerie for menstruating women, has filed a complaint against boss Miki Agrawal.

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Allegations, made by PR professional Chelsea Leibow, claim Agrawal grabbed her employee’s breasts, talked continuously about her sex life, got undressed in front of them and video called them while using the toilet and naked in bed.

Agrawal stepped down as the company’s CEO after every employee was interviewed by Thinx’s board. However, she is still currently employed by Thinx.

Period underwear boss 'groped employee's breasts'
Miki Agrawal has denied the accusations (Picture: Getty)

Leibow announced that she was to leave the company in December, though she did not immediately take legal action.

Her complaint, reported by The Cut, alleges a pattern of sexual harassment.

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It alleges Agrawal said she had an obsession with Leibow’s breasts, and touched her without her consent. She adds that, due to Agrawal’s ‘aggressive and retaliatory demeanor, position of authority and style of management’ left her too afraid to speak up while she worked at Thinx.

The Cut also reports Agrawal phoned employees while she was urinating, described her sexual encounter at an Orgy Dome in Burning Man festival in great detail and spoke to an employee while one of her breasts was entirely exposed. She was also accused of fat-shaming.

Agrawal denies the allegations and said many of her conversations had been taken out of context. have contacted Thinx for comment.