Baboon leaves 50,000 people with no power
It was a bit of a shock (Stock Picture: Olympus Digital Camera)

A baboon single-handedly managed to leave a whole town without electricity, after it interfered with machinery at a power station.

Around 50,000 clients in the tourist town of Livingstone, Zambia, and some parts of the Western province were plunged into darkness, according to ZNBC News.

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Residents experienced the blackout on Sunday and Zesco Spokesperson Henry Kapata said the accident at the company’s power station had been caused by ‘a curious animal’.

While the electric shock would have killed any human, the baboon survived the high voltage due to the fact the species have highly insulated palms.

Baboon leaves 50,000 people with no power
Henry Kapata confirmed the baboon had survived (Picture: Facebook)
Baboon leaves 50,000 people with no power
The Power Station (Picture: Jose A. Bernat Bacete)

Mr Kapta confirmed the baboon has since been rescued and is now being cared for by wildlife officials.

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