As Corrie's Leanne goes into labour in a lift, the most unusual soap birth locations ever
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When you are having a baby in soapland, there is almost one thing that is guaranteed – you won’t make it to hospital in time. There seems to be an unusually high number of arrivals that decide that no matter where the pregnant soap character is, this is where the baby is coming.

Whether it is the back of a pub or in a cemetery, there seems to be plenty of places that new life can be brought into the world, with a whole array of character standing in as midwife.

Here are some of soapland’s favourite birthing spots;

Home birth

The three big soaps have all had their share of home births with improvised midwifery in action. Lily Platt in Corrie came into the world to find mum Kylie’s mother-in-law, Gail, gurning at the business end as dad David relayed birthing info from NHS Direct on the phone.

Dotty Thomas came into Emmerdale with father Ashley seemingly unruffled at having to perform the hospital’s side of the bargain, and over in Albert Square, erstwhile EastEnders character Ian Beale did the honours when Cindy Williams gave birth to Beth.

Back of a car

When you are living in rural Emmerdale, the rush to the hospital when contractions begin getting closer together can be fraught with problems. Luckily for Priya when Amba was ready to come, Alicia and Leyla were with her to help delivery in the back of the car.

Meanwhile, Rosie Webster made her Weatherfield debut in the back of a taxi.

Back of the pub

The local boozer has proved to be the ideal place to give birth and there’s been no shortage of people wanting to give it a go instead of within the safe surroundings of the hospital.

Ruby Dobbs came early after her nasty mother, Kirsty Soames, had another argument with Rovers Return barmaid Tina McIntyre.

Sean Tully’s son in Corrie, Dylan Wilson, was another that thought the pub was the perfect place to pop out as Violet Wilson went into labout, while Pearl Fox-Hubbard had the surrounds of Albert Square’s The Queen Vic’s toilets as her first view of the world.

During the nativity

There was obviously no room at the inn for Katy, as baby Joseph decided that he wanted to be the star of the nativity in Corrie. There seems only one way for a soap baby to arrive at Christmas, with EastEnders’ Stacey Fowler having Arthur as Jesus lay in the manger. Unfortunately, there were no wise men or gold and myrrh on offer to the new mums.

In a beach hut

With Maria Connor running three weeks late with her pregnancy in Coronation Street, she thought some sea air might be just the job to bring baby Liam into the world.

It worked a treat as during her long walk on Southport Beach, she went into labour. With just Tony Gordon and her dog Ozzy for support, the baby was born in a convenient beach hut.

During a live episode

There’s nothing like a live episode to get the adrenaline pumping and Emmerdale went to town for their 40th anniversary. Not only did Debbie bring the house down with the loud screams of labour, as Jack came into the world, Gennie also had Molly at a party.

All in all, quite an undertaking for a live episode but that didn’t put off EastEnders giving it a go as well. Max Branning was the perfect midwife as Tanya gave birth to Oscar. Unfortunately, Max hadn’t found his calling and continued to be an East End bad boy.

Finally, who can forget Fiz’s yelling when Corrie went live during the tram crash week?

In a cemetery

Emmerdale’s Amy Wyatt had gothic undertones to her dress style and personality, so it is probably fitting that she would give birth in a cemetery. Kyle Wyatt came after Amy’s brief dalliance with Cain Dingle and in true Cain fashion, he wanted nothing to do with his newborn son.

After Kyle’s start to life, you would think this would be enough to be sure he can handle anything that is thrown at him and in his first years, there has been plenty to deal with.

In a shed

Debbie Dingle doesn’t like to have simple births in Emmerdale. The live episode was quite spectacular on the screaming front but the arrival of Sarah, when Debbie was a teenager, seemed to be a more placid affair. The only problem this time was that she alone in a garden shed.

At least she was close to civilisation, as Viv Hope took it a stage further when Heath and Cathy arrived. Viv managed to find a shed but hers was in the depths of the moors. Fortunately, Emmerdale vet Paddy Kirk who was better delivering calves, was on hand to help out with the twins.

Maxine Minniver didn’t have much better luck as she was forced to give birth in a similar location after abandoning her car on train tracks while being chased by Patrick.

In Prison

Emmerdale bad girl Charity was only ever going to have a baby in one place – prison. Noah Dingle came three months early and was desperately poorly for his first few weeks. He was then to be placed up for adoption as Charity looked to give him a better life than in prison. With two cousins, Cain and Marlon, and Chris Tate in the frame to be father, there were DNA tests all round.

Chris was declared the winner and daughter Debbie stepped in to help bring up little Noah.

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