Ant and Dec are such good pals even their dogs are best mates
Ant and Dec are such good mates even their dogs are best pals (Picture: David M. Benett/Getty Images)

We all know Ant and Dec are best mates off the small screen, but it turns out their dogs are too – and spend their days barking at each other over the fence.

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Dec’s miniature dachshund, Rocky, and Ant’s brown Labrador, Hurley, are best buds apparently.

But little Rocky barks orders around and tells Hurley what to do. Just like in real life apparently *cough* Dec *cough*.

The duo told The Sun: ‘We have dogs who are best pals. Ant has got a big brown Labrador [called Hurley] and I’ve got a miniature dachshund [Rocky].

The little one bosses the big one around, so it’s a bit like their owners!

There’s only three houses between us, and the dogs bark over the fences to each other.’ 

So. Cute.

And the pair, who share social media accounts, say they’re just as close as their furry friends – revealing they spent their first weekend after returning from Oz together watching The X Factor final rounds Ant’s house.

Ant said: ‘The first weekend back [after I’m A Celeb!] was The X Factor final. We could have easily split up because we’d been together for a month, but Dec came round mine and I made a Sunday roast.

‘Then us two and the wife sat together and watched the final. Some people might find that odd, but we’ve always done it.’

And Dec added the pair often stick together, even on days off.

He said: ‘Even when we have days off we’re like: “Fancy a game of golf?” Or we’ll go down the pub and watch Newcastle play.’

The pair have just signed a new ITV contract for Britain’s Got Talent (which apparently includes a late clause aimed at Simon Cowell).

But that won’t mean they’ll present solo again like *that* horrendous 2016 mistake on I’m a Celeb.

Instead, they say they’re going to stick together for a longtime. Cheers to that!


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