A Rick And Morty song has actually made it onto the US Billboard charts
Rick And Morty is tearing up the US charts (Picture: Adult Swim)

Ever questioned the soaring popularity of Adult Swim’s Rick And Morty? It’s time to flush those doubts down the machine of unspeakable doom.

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Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s creation has become a mainstream cult favourite in its third season, with a song from episode Rest And Ricklaxation even managing to crack the Billboard’s Hot Rock Songs Chart.

The song titled Terryfold from Seattle-based duo Chaos Chaos managed to chart at No. 33 following, according to Billboard, 1.1 million streams in the US and 1,000 downloads in the week ending September 7.

Terryfold features the vocals of co-creator Justin Roiland, who sings totally serious lyrics like, ‘Grab my Terryfolds. Grab my foldy flaps. Grab my foldy holds.’

The actual music itself though is pretty great – feeling like a perfect curveball for the Sunday playlist with sprinkles of ‘suck my flaps you piece of sh*t’.

It isn’t the only track Chaos Chaos have provided the show either, with their track Do You Feel It? also playing over the closing credits of season two episode three.

So UK number one? Let’s start the campaign now.

A Rick And Morty song has actually made it onto the US Billboard charts

The show creators were recently forced to deny they were part of a savage Adult Swim joke following one of the episodes, which threw shade at Game Of Thrones.

You can catch-up on Rick And Morty season 3 so far on Netflix.

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